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Myron——the famous ancient Greek sculptor, his masterpieces "discus" and "Venus" and other human valuable artistic wealth. He first gave the statue to the lively performance, breaking the stiff Archaic period in the form of sculpture, under his influence, Greek sculpture entered a heyday. He advocated "Art originates from life (Art comes from life)" "Static in Dynamic (movement harmony)," the art of creative thinking, become Myron successors and furniture designers are a source of inspiration and artistic mission. Finally in 1928, Myron family designed the first named MELONG fabric sofa, the sensation of the world. Since MELONG sofa to ensure that member from parts to finished products are handmade, the artisan skills requirements are very high, so when MELONG known as "Limited Art limited edition works of art", won the European aristocracy's favorite, and winning international awards. Until the third-generation successor family Myron Oliver Myron, the introduction of advanced production equipment and scientific management, so that more families to enjoy Myron sofa brought the art of living. Today, Cologne, Milan, Italy and Germany - the world's two major shrines in the name of art, but also given the unique fashion Myron furniture art.

Twenty-first century, is located in the Chinese furniture enterprises in Guangdong rich Shibayama furniture re-introduction of the prestigious MELONG brand, and officially named "Myron" honor outstanding artists and creative genius salute!

Myron sofa and you would like to share the joys of life of art bring home!

Style Keywords: fashion simple and elegant atmosphere